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July 06, 2007



Too cute! I was jut reading about the bodkin too, next time I place an order at your site I'll snag one! The safety pin is a good trick, I've been using a big embroidery needle with an eye big enough to run the elastic through and tie a knot around.

I ordered a bunch of fabric from you that I'm so excited about. Just got an email saying it shipped. Yay! Can't wait to make some cutesy stuff for my bebe.

ps Does your daughter dig that baby doll? I've been wondering if Delma would get anything out of having one.


That Chocolate Lollipop fabric made the cutest little outfit for your daughter. So many people are afraid to mix fabric patterns, but the result is fabulous! Love all the fabric in your store.

j. caroline

She digs the baby doll. It's a Corolle Babipouce that my sister bought for her birthday. She's fascinated with her face and hands. And of course, I couldn't resist buying it a baby stroller. I'm sure this is just the beginning- we've still got American Girl dolls to go!


Her outfit is really cute. Thanks for the idea for the bodkin. I was working on a shirt yesterday with five casings for elastic and it was a rather frustrating process. I think I need that bodkin if I ever make that shirt again.


I just caved in and placed another order, lots of short ends ond close-out stuff... And forgot to include the bodkin! Argh. Next time!

Sarah Moyar

I LOVE Amy Karol's new book! It's really delightful when you open it up! It's been the topic of many of my posts lately.

Anna Maria

The outfit is darling!
xo,Anna Maria

Peggy Renie

Love your site; am so glad to have found this. Just purchased some fabric too.

My grandmother used a bodkin, but I've never found one. Where can they be purchased? I, too, am tired of struggling with the safety pin.


j. caroline

I'm so glad you asked. There is a great little crafty website that carries them- jcaroline creative. Here's the link to the bodkin: http://www.jcarolinecreative.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Product_Code=1900-000706-000&Category_Code=21a&Product_Count=1

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