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January 27, 2008



Hi Caroline! I'm from Argentina, I read your comment on Jen's blog. Hope you could find the way to shipping to my country. When I saw your web I realized that a few months ago I was looking for papers there.
Well... I'll be waiting for good news!! :)


thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!! :)
I just made my order: a couple of Jess's fabrics and some papers I wanted!!! :) I'm so glad.


Next time try FEDEX Ground, it's faster and cheaper.


yes I know, but I couldnt choose that option when I made the order. Was only AIR option. Its ok, maybe next time I could.

j. caroline

Don't worry Georgina, you picked the right option. We ship internationally via the Postal Service which is currently the cheapest way to go for smaller packages.

Peggy's comment was directed towards me for sending in the rolls of fabric UPS. Don't worry Peggy, we have good rates with UPS.


Great site and store and how tos! Thank you! I happened upon it via bow directions! I love your fabric, etc. I'll be back!


Got the fabric in this morning, my that was fast, and oh it is beautiful.


Just found your site. Your tutorials ROCK...I finally have the courage to use my new sewing machine. ROCK ON.

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