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January 13, 2008



wow...they look so much better with the ribbons! classy


That's a fabulous redo. I must say I like them so much better with the ribbon. Very cute :-)




I want those shoes! Now you have to start a line of shoes too...congrats on the fabrics!


Those look 100 times better now than when you bought them. What a great idea!


I love those! May have to pick me up a pair for my own "redo". Those are so cute!


Now I know why you named your business jcaroline creative! You have the neatest ideas! What a fun thing to do!

Katherine Womack

You surely come by your talent 'n creavity honestly; I know your parents, esp. your mother, well. I just luv what you did with the Lands' (sic) End mocs. I do wish you made 'n sold some of your great ideas to those of us who have multiple thumbs 'n little or no talent. I'm still enjoyin' the purse I purchased several years ago. The new fabric is lovely! Thanks for the opportunity to chat. -- KW


Wow, I have those shoes and every time I put them on I have to get used to them again b/c the leather laces are meh. Now I have to copy you.


Those look precious. I love them!

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