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February 04, 2008


Angela James

I am totally digging on your mom's sweater.

And the chair looks amazing too :P

I got the interfacing today, to try and make a small basket. Hopefully I can work on that this weekend!


I also totally dig your Mom's sweater. And I think she's adorable. And I especially loved your "She said a dirty word."

I literally laughed out loud when I read that. :O)

Janet Newman

Caroline, It was a 22" pillow. Why did you have to mention my mistake???

I loved sewing on your fabric. Love, Mother


NO WAY! I ordered some of this fabric, specifically to cover my daughter's little Poang chair too!!!! Seriously! That's crazy. Mine is going to look all crazy-wonky compared to yours, considering I was planning to just make a sort of a slipcover and not do it for real like you did. But after seeing yours maybe I should put a wee bit more effort in... Did you just take apart the original cover and use it to make a pattern?

Let me know if you ever think about renting your mom out for crafting weekends. I'll take her!

j. caroline

Great minds think alike! Yes, I just took apart the original cover and used it as a pattern. I just sewed over the top of the fabric/fiberfill piece (the top piece). I even reused the velcro pieces. You can do it!

And no, you cannot rent my mother. I have her booked in all her free time.


I have seen the chair up close and it is indeed a work of art. Nice job on the pillows, too, Mrs. Newman.


Great job! and I can't imagine that sweet looking woman saying a "dirty word"!! That made me laugh too! B

Mellissa - wondermommy

I love that chair. It is perfect!


The chair came out very nice.

Jess's mom

The chair looks terrific!

Your mom is so lucky to be close enough to get in on your projects! How fun!

Lanie@ kids bean bag

The chair's cover looks great, much better than the original one for IKEA. I love it.

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