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February 01, 2008



Projects and fabric look fabulous! Your "environment" reminded me of my very own and I admire your courage to post it! Have to get me some modern flora (really love it!) and join the flickr group too! Have a great w/e! B


So, you guys just get this fabric and then make these adorable things with it? Is there some kind of chanting involved? Or voodoo? Pixie dust, maybe? That MUST be the reason why I can't make that kind of stuff appear.

Angela James

I love those storage baskets--they look great in that fabric! I can't wait to see a how to.

Angela Williams

I love the baskets (and the pattern) I would love the tutorial on how to make them. I could use them in our new house... I have just the place. Can't wait... they are so cute.

Candy Glendening

Those baskets are SOOOO AWESOME! I can't wait for my package with 1 yards of Modern floral in them to arrive! Please please tell us how to make them! I've made some "bagskets" and had a horrid time sewing with the peltex attached to both the sides and the bottom - there must be an easier way!



Love those baskets...the fabric looks awesome....can't wait to see the tutorial on how to make them!


OMG I LOVE this fabric!!!



Those look great! Go Mom!


I have to make those baskets! Those are the cutest things I've seen in a long time. You should publish something with all your patterns; I would buy it!

I can't wait to get my fabric :)

Jess's mom

Yes, the fabric is great... but the model is ADORABLE!!! :-)


I would absolutely love a how-to. They are exactly the thing I have been thinking I need for my knitting projects, and I was going to have to go to a nasty shop and buy them. Maybe now I'll hold out...


fab fabric boxes! i came over from a link on howaboutorange to ask you a question. it may sound naieve, but what is the name of the big squared mat you were working on? also, can you cut right on it (rotary cutter style)? i've had such probelms with accurate angles, and have just started caring! sorry to be a bother. thankyou.


The fabric patterns & colors are perfect! I can't wait until we can purchase it...Olivia's outfit is adorble! Looking forward to instructions on the storage baskets! Don't worry, my "environment" is a tad cluttered to the untrained eye also.


Just wanted to say these look awesome...I was going to get some at IKEA, but now I think I better wait for the how to guide...Thanks!


This fabric is great. I love how well the coordinate with each other.


I love your blog. I just realized I ordered some fabric from you in November. I made some cute monogrammed Koozie covers. YOu can check them out here.



I love the storage baskets. I just had to feature them on my blog and i printed off the directions. See how I go.

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