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March 07, 2008



I know how much your mother appreciates that disclaimer. At least clean the couch off, as I have no place to sit when I visit anymore. Wait... was that the plan all along?


I feel *so* much better about my workspace now, which I also plan to clear up today in order to get to some sewing projects. I can't get to my craft table because it's covered in everything else...


Oh this looks like my room. This morning I put some stuff on the only remaining clear bit of the floor, and then discovered that it stopped me from opening the door to get out.


Oh thank goodness i'm not the only one!!


Haha!! Mine gets that way too. How does that happen?


For the life of me, I cannot keep my craft room clean. We creative types cannot be bothered with such nonsense!


This look like my long desk and floor near it! It seems I have been behind on organizing since the first of the year. I just came across your blog & just think it's great.


I love your blog :D



OMG you crack me up! I love it that you are so real. I feel all better now....thanks :)


Now I KNOW it's time for me to visit. By the way, did you see William Buckley's office in last week's Newsweek? It will make you feel in good genius company.

Christy S.

Now I KNOW we are kindred spirits. I am off work for the rest of the week just so I can tackle my space and get ready for Verizon. Apparentely, they actually need to see the floor and walls in order to wire for Fios. Thanks so much for sharing.

Paper Dolls for Boys

i love your clutter! thanks for showing us your funky bits.
check my mess out here: http://paperdollsforboys.wordpress.com/2008/03/12/craft-room-before-and-after/


So happy I'm not alone!

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