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April 21, 2008



The bedding looks so cute, but Olivia: so much cuter! Do you have a tutorial for the cute little girl?


She's got to be the cutest kid ever! (don't tell my niece and nephews!)

Astrid Thusgaard

That bedding is just wonderful - fantastic use of the fabric! And what a cute little girl! ;o)

Grandma G

The bedding is delightful! But Olivia is much cuter and absolutely more deserving of your time than the tutorial. Way to go, Mommy!! :-)

j. caroline

Thank you- I think she's a cutie too! :)

Christy S.

I love it! I have to make a set like that. Waiting anxiously for the tutorials and close ups! I must say, however, if given the choice of playing in a sandbox or writing a tutorial, sand wins every time! You definitely made the right choice!


Oh my GOD, could that kid possibly have a more fabulous haircut??? She is just too cute!

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