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April 17, 2008



I get the zine in the mail. I noticed your ad and wondered if I'd just been missing them before. It's a very vibrant and noticeable ad. Good job.


That is a really cute ad!

Jess's mom (a.k.a. Grandma G)

I love the Dick and Jane fabrics! Probably because I learned to read with those books. :-) The ad is really cute, too!


Cute ad! And I can't wait for the pictures and how-tos


I'm getting ready to make nursery bedding for my brother's baby (due June 5th). Your how-tos will be perfect timing for me! Thanks.


Ohmygosh those are amazing fabrics! I need to buy some. I love the stripes (: They'd look cute as one of my Kiki bags!


My Martha arrived last week and I noticed your add the minute I flipped to the page. Very cute!

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