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April 18, 2008



When I heard this on the news, I totally freaked out! I drink from cheaper waterbottles than this, Bios H2O bottles...I hope that doesn't mean that there are more of these sick products in them! I really need to splurge and get a new Nalgene. Interesting stuff!


My mom also has been getting on me about the plastic water bottles. She bought me a Sigg http://www.mysigg.com/ water bottle for my birthday. It is metal and is really great.

It is a great other option!



I was going to suggest the Sigg bottles Katie mentioned. They are lightweight, awesome looking designs, many to choose from. Easy to clean. There's also the Kleen Kanteen which are stainless steel, they don't have the cool designs, and are a little heavier than the Siggs, they are still good. Either way better than plastic bottles.

Linda Lum DeBono

I saw your furniture updates a while back. Do you spray any sort of Scotch Guard or related product on the fabric? I have just purchased some furniture and am in the middle of my own re-furbishing. Just curious considering how bad the original product was.

ellen Crimi-Trent

figures that the company who made this is in my state!! what else is next, can we do anything anymore? Yikes just as Joe jackson sang"everything gives you cancer!!"


Actually, Janet, all soup and pop cans are lined with BPA... And for anyone looking for BPA-free Nalgenes, you can check them out at Nalgene Choice (http://www.nalgenechoice.com). Have fun!


Bios H2O also has BPA free bottles now, you can get them at CanTire and other stores.

And Ellen is right. Your tin cans have more BPA than your water bottles.


That is true. *Your tin cans have more BPA than your water bottles.* However, the BPA is not released without damage to the membrane. So those dented cans you can get for cheap, I'd stay away from. The rest are fine, just don't reuse them.


As soon as I heard about BPA, I became extremely concerned with the types of water bottles I use. Right now, I'm a huge fan of Klean Kanteen. Their products use food-grade stainless steel and are 100% BPA free. No more plastic bottles for me!

Thanks for posting, keep up the great green work!

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