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July 17, 2008



Okay I really love that car, trays and all. I can just see me cruising around my beach town with all the kids loaded up in that.


Remember the old Checker taxi cabs? They were and are made by the Martin Company. What you are looking at is a "stretch" Martin staionwagon. Thinking of buying one? -- Tim


I bet someone over at the Orange Show/Art Car Parade would know about it.


This car beats climbing over the back seat to sit in the practically inaccessible 3rd row any day! How cool.

Jessica Jones

I love it!

Amber Kristine

I love any post entitled 'completely random,' but this car is awesome! It's one of those 'I have no idea what I'd do with it but it's just so cool looking' things.

Doris at Threads of Conversation

Random, yes, but how awesome is that aerobus!?!

Renovation Therapy

Friends of my parents' had a similar car in the 70's. They named it "IsADoor" because of...well...you know...

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