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November 21, 2008


* tonya *

ha, that reminds my of my work/crafting space.

Jessica Jones

Looking good, Carolinthe.


Don't get lost in there. Pick a corner and got for it. :o)


My thought for the magazines came from reading a feature on http://unclutterer.com/ not too long ago. Buy a scanner. As soon as you are done reading the magazine, immediately scan all the articles you want to save and put them on CD/disk/whatever. Recycle all the magazines when you are done with them.

j. caroline

Not a bad suggestion, but I have a volume problem here. Did "unclutterer" have suggestions on hiring someone to scan them in? It may not be pretty, but my floor method is pretty economical. :)


Um, I think I have a problem. I really want to come over and organize your office. Unfortunately, a trip to Texas is not exactly in my plans. Maybe if I wish hard enough, it'll magically organize itself. (That's what you're hoping for too, right?)

Seriously, I'm going to need a picture posted of the uncluttered/organized office. Me, OCD much? No.

j. caroline

You are also an optimist that I'll get it uncluttered. Well, maybe that's the incentive I need... you won't be able to stand it if I can't get it done. But it seems I'm sitting here reading comments and not cleaning. Hmmm....


You should check out a show Oprah had last week regarding "cleaning up the clutter" or something like that. Good Luck!

j. caroline

Excellent idea! I'm going to stop picking up right now and go find that Oprah show. If I can't find it on Tivo, I'll just wait until it reairs before I continue. Okay?


I feel you on the magazine problem. I had a problem too. But I hid them in plastic boxes under my bed...until I had to move everything I owned 500 miles. Yeah, those magazines were not gonna be able to make it. So I forced myself to first narrow down the magazines that I REALLY wanted to keep. Then, during one fabulous week of summer vacation, I looked at every single one of them...with scissors in hand. I tore/cut out every page that had something that was really amazing, not just kinda cool. Then I bought a buncha clear page protectors and some 3-ring binders. Then I separated the clippings into different categories and and put them in the binders. And trust me...I'm not the organizer type either. You should see my dining room. I sew in there. And I don't even remember the last time I ate in there! Good luck, fellow piler-upper!


Oh my word. I definitely need to come visit.


About 2 years ago I finally got the knack to cleaning up my work desk/bedroom. FUM-SUM-OM

Keep to the steps.. don't bother trying to do it all at once. None of that "well, I am in this area so I'll just finish this area then move onto the next one" crap! Here's what you need to do:

Figure out your main 'categories' of F.U.M. (feverishly unorganized mess) for example - fabric, loose/scrapbook paper, magazines and write down them. Limit categories to no less than 5 and no more than 8.

Figure out WHERE everything goes, keeping in mind that furniture may potentially move. If you throw your magazines onto the floor next to your desk, consider putting the bookshelf/chest/holder close enough to the desk to minimize effort to keep tidy.

If you want to put your fabric on the sofa, consider putting up some type of organizer behind the sofa along the wall (I prefer the over the door shoe rack style which can easily be made to suit your own personal needs). http://www.thisnext.com/item/08E29196/Gadget-Holder-Organizer-and

Start with the most accessible category of F.U.M. and pick everything up that applies to that category, climbing about the remaining F.U.M. to put it in piles according to where it will go or what it is (close to where it should go if you can).

Move onto the remaining F.U.M. category, and so on. You'll now have anywhere between 5 to 8 piles of S.U.M. (sorta unorganized mess)

Move furniture if desired, applying items to S.U.M. piles if needed for easier/lighter moving.

Move S.U.M. into destinations, creating areas of O.M. (organized mess)

karen l

OK - I just reorganized my sewing room TODAY! I'm willing and able to run over & help you sort thru your stuff ( I think I'm fairly close - west side beyond the beltway). All I ask is 1st dibs on some of those fabulous new fabrics!!
Let me know!


Next time my husband complains about how cluttered our house is, I'll point him in this direction. :) Ikea magazine files.
Good luck!

Joyful Abode: Domesticity by Trial and Error

Mine's not quite as bad as yours, but I have a similar TYPE of mess in my office... piles of paper are the WORST and they just multiply without even asking me! How dare they???

I know you didn't ask, but here's what I'm working on now and it may help you too.
1) Reconcile yourself with the fact that you are a PILER, not a FILER... Don't try to file things. Filing cabinets are not for you. Instead, try one of those stacks of shallow drawers (like the plastic rolly ones)... and label each drawer as a "file"... it'll feel more natural for you to pile things in drawers than file them in a cabinet. Plus, if the drawers are clear, that's an added bonus because you won't feel like something is "gone forever" once it's in the drawer.

2) When it gets like this, first throw away all trash you can find, group like things with like things, and THROW ALL THE PAPER IN A BOX. Then once you deal with everything else, you can start going through the papers. Any papers you can't figure out what to do with, well... they jsut stay in the box until next time (when you'll probably decide you don't need them and you'll throw them away.

But that's just me.
Again, your type of mess is all too familiar in my office. :-\

Amy @ parkcitygirl

ack! I can relate to a couple of OCD comments - I want to come clean it out! I would get boxes and start sorting, then put it back where it belongs :) If you really want to change it - he he!

Grandma G

Oh, my..... !! Thanks for the giggles and for making me feel good... that my messes aren't quite that bad. ;-)

Did you know that there's a Messies Anonymous? http://www.messies.com/ Lotsa good help there, and they even have support groups, as well as daily email helps. And they have a sense of humor. ;-)


Hmmm, well I'd say that when it becomes unbearable, you'll have a cleaning day where you just throw most everything away, eh??? I agree with the magazine idea to rip out pages and put in a clear vinyl page. I even now have a "hair idea" section that I take into my hair dresser. Whenever I find a cute "do" I rip it out and throw it into the binder and later show it to my hair gal. She laughs her head off.
I too have obvious messes. We actually had a fire a couple of years ago and every bit of everything in the house was gone. BUT, it turns out it completely changed me from needy pack rat to someone who can weed through junkola in a heartbeat. I just don't care if I keep stuff anymore. So...you'll either clean or light a match. Either way, "SOME" day it'll get better.

Tiff@Three Peas

Get those Hard Magazine holders to hold your mags and catalogs in. You can label them so you know what's in them. That way they don't get all over the floor.

I feel your pain about your office. I'd be so overwhelmed it would probably take me a week just to get started.


Those new Jessica Jones ribbons are cute!

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