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November 11, 2008



The only word that comes to mind is prolapse. And that's never a positive thing.


Wow! That is what my boys pants look like when they have a dirty diaper...

Tiff@Three Peas

WOW yeah ToilingAnt summed it up. LOL. I won't be spending money on those. Nope not me!


Again, you've managed to make me laugh out loud. I saw a video on youtube once of a man in Africa that has a condition that would really benefit from such pants.


There is something very Freudian about pants that are styled to look like you are wearing a perpetually full diaper.


Those are my Thanksgiving turkey-stealing pants. They are worth every penny, I might add. I think that hairstyle is the right one for you, Caroline. Look into it.

Also, hee! prolapse.


This was good for a laugh. Thank You! Perhaps the pants would be good for trick or treating...a place to put your candy...hands free!

Gudrun Erla

Oh,my who would ever think that these would come back. They were really hot back in the eighties, my mom wouldn't let me have a pair, I was really mad at her......but now I thank her.....what is going on?


BWAAAAA! That's crazy. I feel like busting out in a song, "Can't Touch This" or whatever that guy sang who wore those goofy pants in the 80's. They were ugly then! I'll bet that ad cost $100,000 to get made and printed. maybe more. Goofy fools. They should know that we smarties look to blogland for real clothes!


Totally MC HAMMER! My friend and I used to make these in the 80's. We rocked it out at school. Everyone wanted to be like us! That is too funny that they are back. I do have to admit they were very comfortable to wear.


I showed this picture to my husband and snort-laughed reading your blog entry to him! Hilarious!


I can't stop looking at the picture. It is kind of like rubber necking at an accident. It is all wrong from the eyebrows to the shoes. Wrong wrong. And the pants - I have no words. None.

ellen Crimi-Trent

this looks soo 80's don't you think? It reminds me of MC Hammer pants! Why would any woman wear such pants, certainly not me!!


Oh my!


OMG I needed a good laugh...and that did it! Thank you! LMAO

Renovation Therapy

When I was a teenager I had a pen pal in Morocco. He sent me a pair of pants very similar to these in BRIGHT yellow. I wore them. Often. My Dad referred to them as "8 day poopers". Except, umm, he didn't use the word "poopers" he used the other word...


i saw these here on giselle: http://www.angelglam.com/blog/
and couldn't believe i'd ever see anyone wear them on the street! they kind of remind me of middle school in the 80's...


Oh these comments are killing me! The first thing that comes to mind is my 2 year olds diapers if I put off changing him long enough.

But then I remembered that I made some of those MC Hammer pants for Joey back in the 80's (which is hilarious since he's totally "white and nerdy") and he actually wore them in public. And they were plaid, ack!!!


Oh, ouch. This one hurt. Those pants...that makeup. ouch!

Catherine Harris

Sorry Stephanie - These pants where never anywhere near the eighties. I had many patterns & made many pairs of those eighties style pants and they looked nothing like these.
They look like a cross between Charlie Chaplin & some weird drugs. Do you think the designers sit around thinking - "hey! lets make something really ugly and see how many people are stupid enough to wear them?"


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