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November 24, 2008


* tonya *

okay, well now you are making me feel like a lazy slob ha ha ... but also inspiring me to start a little tidy up of my own today.

Janet Newman

Thank you for cleaning up your office, Caroline. I had been trying to ignore your previous office pictures but I want to comment on these. Good job, well done, what an improvement!!
Love from your mother


I don't know what's funnier. Your reveal or your mother's comments. Too funny!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Wow! I'm amazed at your progress :) I'm calm again . . .


I"m feeling much better. Thank you.


Now I can sit on the sofa! Thanks Caroline.


wow! what a transformation...that's really amazing and a job well done. and, like tonya, i've been inspired to do some tidying of my own now. i'm new to your blog, and it will be bookmarked in firefox shortly. thanks a bunch for providing inspiration in more ways than one!


I was so happy when I saw pics of your messy office... it made me feel like I wasn't alone. Today I log on and see pics of a clean office... my heart sank because that means I really need to get mine done! Looks great! (love your Mum's comment!)


Glad to see you're keeping up on how Angelina tortures Jen. Happy Thanksgiving.


How about a window? You got a window hiding in there somewhere? =)

Blake Mitchell

Yep, other people are less tolerant about mess. I have to admit that my office station is always cluttered, to the point that I lose my stuff and find it in the station across mine. Hehe. Well, I always make it a point to try and clean up. Unfortunately, something always comes up and gets in the way. =)

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