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January 21, 2009


Amy @ parkcitygirl

I like your take on this :) I just realized I have some dolly quilts that will probably need to be taken out of my etsy shop soon - bummer. . . .

Sandy toes

It's just more control for the government. Why doesn't the big FACTORIES that bring the textiles over from China...test it before the American purchases???

It's crazy..I feel sorry for all your etsy ladies
-sandy toe

Jemellia H.

Good post, J. I did not realize this new law included children's clothing. That blows.

tara @ kidz

Congrats on being today's creative blog. Oh my the kid's room picture they showed.... I'm so in love with it! You are fab.


Very nice angle to the situation! I love the spin you have put on it. After all, politicians, lawyers and corporate big wigs have built careers on finding loop-holes in the law so why not the little people?! If you can't beat 'em then join 'em! It takes creativity to make all the things we do so it will take creativity to find a way around this ridiculous new law.


Ok, I am SO confused now. I am just starting an Etsy shop up and I make handmade items. I sew purses, makeup bags, aprons, home decor(fabric items) and was just dipping into baby items like bibs, burp cloths, and some clothes for friend's kids. Everything I use is 100% cotton fabric(mostly)....Would you mind emailing me to discuss this a little more. I honestly do not see how they say there is lead in Cotton Fabric?! Or wood? I make wood frames, painted with acrylic paints, some are covered in paper, some in fabric. I am just confused. I do not want a fine or to break the law, so can you help me out here & explain what this is really all about? Ive read your posts and the links you posted.

(Jona from fabritopia & Her blog sent me to you!) Love your blog & your store, by the way!



Isn't there a way to bypass this mess? DH and I run a farm. We are not allowed to sell potatoes for planting (you need a special licence), only for eating. So many people who come and ask if they can use our potatoes to plant in their gardens, are told- maybe, as long as you don't tell us, we don't mind if you eat the potatoes this year, or the ones you'll harvest next years... Or if we sell fresh milk, we always MUST say to the customer that it is fresh milk and he/she MUST cook it before drinking it. We don't have to check if they follow this advice, but we told them to.
So, why don't you just say that the item you sell is not intended for children under 12 years. It then is totally up to the parents to decide wether or not they will stick to the rule.

Lisa @celebrate CREATIVITY

Just found you via Kim at Creative blog. Your work is just beautiful. I think I recognize that sofa. Was that for Anna Maria Horner?

I've always wanted to learn how to upholster and have tried a few pieces with some not-so-successful results.

Your work is wonderful and I'm inspired to try my hand at it again-lol. Hmmm, wish me luck.


Found you through Today's Creative Blog. Thanks for this post. I'm a retailer and may just lose some vendors over this. Ugh. lol Anywho, love, love, love your creations! You inspire me. :)

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