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January 31, 2009



thanks for keeping us up to date on this! this is great news!


This is SUCH good news. I was SO giddy after reading your post. I have a really good friend that is a PHD (mad scientist is what I call her) and she has been following this along with myself. She was willing to test for me but sheesh! It's still ridiculous. She even agreed it is ridiculous.

ANYWHO, I have a question. I went to your site and I am searching for metal purse frames for a clutch I am making. I can't seem to find any online when I google it. AND if I do, the sites I find, I don't know if I can trust. Do you have any idea where I can find these? I noticed you only have the handles :( I was REALLY hoping you had the clutch frames.....I appreciate your help.

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