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January 28, 2009



Well, I splurged last year ($10) and got a year subscription to Domino, without having really looked at an issue first. Big mistake. Totally not my kind of magazine. I mean, I barely liked the ideas, found most of the advice for people not like me, and even if there was something I liked, it was about 10x more expensive than I was willing to pay for it.

Needless to say, I didn't renew my subscription this year. I did, however, fill out the online survey they asked me to (which was ridiculously long), that proved I was really not their target consumer (it had questions like, which of the following brands of purses or watches do you own: Chanel, Armani, Bvlgari....)

These are not exactly the economic times that are conducive to luxury-lifestyle magazines. I wouldn't be surprised if this were the first of many to be canceled.


Well darn, I JUST got a subscription. I also just got a subscription to Wondertime and Texas Monthly, lets see how they do.

Jamie AZ

I'm not surprised. Everything in it was awfully pricey, so definitely not decor I could put into my home. I need to find some of your "flea market finds" to renew!


What! I love this magazine. First Blueprint and now Domino! I am super bummed out.


Wow, I can't believe another magazine is going under. We were all so disappointed to see Blueprint shut down last year, then I received notice that Cottage Living is ceasing publication, and so is Country Home. It's really a shame, but you're right, at least we still have access to more affordable products and ideas with those three wonderful blogs you mentioned.


and I got a message in the mail today saying that since Mary Englebreit will no longer be publishing magazines (my only mag I get) my subscription will be filled with Martha Stewart Living. Hmph. Not EVEN the same. I do have to say, though, that M.E. opened the door for me to see artists by the plenty and find them online. Most have an online presence nowadays which makes me very inspired and happy. I suppose that's why a mag doesn't need to exist. But M.E. made me very happy for many years. Spotlighting different artists and their spaces was such a cool idea she had. Better than cupcake recipe of the month - I have those mastered. :)


Another magazine bites the dust! Makes me wonder what the future holds for quilting magazines! I love Domino...just to admire the pretty pictures...the items are out of my price range.

j. caroline

IMO, quilting magazines and other niche publications will fair better-- first, they have a very well defined audience that actually buys things and second, I imagine their overhead is quite a bit lower than a Conde Nast publication. No plush offices in NY, etc.


I am so bummed! I really like Domino and enjoyed their ideas and who they covered. While most of the suggested items where a bit pricey for me, I used the ideas to find things in my price range. But not everyone can take an inspiration and run with it. Plus design is what I do for a living. So bummed. It was one of the few subscriptions I had left. I wonder what they are going to replace it with.
Men's Vogue went under and they sent us Portfolio instead. NOT THE SAME!


Argh!! That is one of my faborite mags. I looked forward to it each month!


I hate to see another magazine bite the dust. I LOVE magazines...actually I'm addicted to magazines. M.E. was my biggest disappointment. I have every one of Mary's magazines. They made me very, very happy. So sad to see them go. :(


Oh, Tara. I hate to mention it, but Wondertime is closing too. March is the last issue.

Heather Larson

This totally stinks, and I will tell you why- I just got my sis-in-law a subscription to the magazine for Christmas! :0( CRAP. What does this mean? Are they going to reimburse me? Hmmmm. I am going to look into this. Thanks for passing this info on to me!

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