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February 14, 2009


Sue K

You know what's amazing to me about this? They all are talking about the boom in digital work, yet a magazine like Artful Blogging is selling great...a whole magazine of people's blogs. I still say that most of us want to take our magazines and curl up on the sofa, or prop up on some pillows, smell the paper and ink, and tear out pictures we want for later. This isn't about what the purchasing public wants, it is all about advertising dollars... What I really hate is getting substitute magazines for my subscriptions - Country Home is giving me Southern Living. I'm in Cleveland...why do I want Southern Living?

j. caroline

Sue K,
The substitute for Mary Engelbrecht's Home Companion is Martha Stewart Living. Got my first issue yesterday-- all about gardening, which I really don't care about-- AT ALL.


Wow! This is not a good trend. ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic


Craft mag is awesome, too bad! I bought "I Like You" when it was released, and it is hilarious. One of my favorites is the F it Bucket, so simple, so great.


I really don't get all of these magazines going out of business. When I called Mary Engelbreit Home Companion back in October, the lady told me they had a record amount of people wanting to advertise. If you've got buyers and advertisers what more do you need (maybe I'm missing something)?
I'm with Sue K. I want to curl up on my couch with my magazine and a cup of tea. Dang.


Hey...I didn't get MY Martha replacement mag yet. :( I didn't even really want it for a replacement, but that doesn't mean I don't want it ever. Bummer.

My bulletin boards are filled with inspirational photos from mags. I love the web, but nothing beats a really cool magazine with new ideas.

sounds to me like Caroline should go into the pub business...? :)


oh man. that news did not make me happy. I just got a 2-year subscription to Atomic Ranch (I know it's not fabric or crafts, but a really cool mid-century modern magazine) and my fingers are crossed that they will keep it going. (thanks for the heads up!) :O)


That's really curious that ME mag said advertising was up. My personal opinion was I thought they were choosing to advertise on the web (I'm thinking cheaper?) rather than in a magazine. Now I really want to get to the bottom of this! Wonder what Advertising Age has to say?



Oh no, not another one. That is sad. I truly love magazines. Lynn


Oh the sadness. At least Amy will still be around : )

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