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February 09, 2009


Life a Colorful Life

Great tutorial! And great fabric choices as well. Your blog is always interesting and informative.


I can't wait to make these!

Amy @ parkcitygirl

Thank you for sharing!!!


Thank you! I love them! ~Kelly

unDeniably Domestic


I needed an excuse to purchase that great new canvas you recently added! As soon as I get some $, I'm on it!! Thanks.


Thanks for the GREAT tutorial! Can't wait to try it!
P.S. The last link on the tutorial is for the Hobo bag -- wasn't sure if you wanted that link on there or not.

Thanks again!


I can't wait to make one! Mother's day is not that far away and this would make a great gift!


Excellent tote Bag tutorial!!! I shall have a go at this, got just the rigth fabric sat upstairs and a half-term holiday next week, perfect!!


I absolutely love your tutorials. I have made the hobo bag and a few vinyl covered totes. Can't wait to make this one!


Gah! This is a tutorial I've been waiting for in blog land! Not because I'm too cheap to buy a pattern or anything, though ;) THANK YOU! I have some giraffe canvas that I got from you awhile back I believe, that I've been wanting to do this with!

K Star

Hi - it's a great service to put up a tutorial with pictures! I have a suggestion - please feel free to take it or leave it. You mentioned the pesky "gunch" problem...why not pleat, shir (spelling?) or gather the entire bottom for a chic/trendy update to the tote? This way you can really wear all the gunches with pride.

Alana @ Gray Matters

Thanks so much for this great tutorial. I was curious to know if you've made any on a smaller scale - something easier for a child to handle?


Fabulous tote! Ill make it as soon as I'm done with my hobo bag. Any chance we might get the pattern for the little makeup bag?


I just wanted to say thank you so much for the tutorial on this tote. I made 2 to take to Australia as gifts, they were received with glee and delight. It was a lovely tote to make and sorry I could not post the pics as I was rushing to get them finished and packed. I am going to make another for myself this time and will post the pic.
Thanks again.

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