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March 04, 2009



Hooray for Jessica!

Life a Colorful Life

The new colorways and designs are fabulous. What a great team you guys make. Yippee!!



Hey, by the way! Did you know that on the order confirmation page at jcarolinecreative, it still says that you'll be closed for the holidays til January something-or-other...? Or maybe you're just getting a head start on next year? :)

j. caroline

Ooops. Double Ooops. Changed now. Thanks!


Ummm...wait a minute. I think I'm here right as you're writing this and it's already sold out. ? I'm happy for Jessica. Guess I'll wait impatiently here.

j. caroline

Sorry for the confusion- I updated the message on that page. The fabrics are not here yet- so your order won't be shipped right away. But if you order now, we'll make sure we ship as soon as the fabric comes in-- probably 2 weeks.

daisy janie : scoutie girl

Congratulations to all!! That is spectacular news!!!


Okay, I may be crazy, but I think I saw a pillow made out of some Jessica Jones fabric on an episode of "Trust Me" on TNT tonight.....know anything about that??


I love love LOVE her fabric, and am crazy about this newest batch.

Here's my biggest request though: any chance we'll be seeing this in a soft cotton / quilt form?

I'm DYING to do some cute little dresses, skirts with a nice light weight fabric.

Anyone with me? I don't want to BEG....but I would really love it!! :)
(if begging would make it happen, however, I'd do it).

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