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March 03, 2009



I agree with you 100%. As someone who manages marketing programs, I never recommend print advertising, because I never see the return on investment. And I, too, love magazines. (VF is one of my top ones, for sure.)

Melanie O.

Newspapers are having a similar problem (my husband works for one - scary times!) I've heard at least one theory out there that newspapers/magazines my go to printing up a sort of "recap" of what's on the web (weekly, in the case of newspapers and monthly or quarterly for magazines). The advertising would be quite cheap for advertisers because their ads would feature right alongside the blogs, or whatever, they bought on the web. Something like this is being tried out in Chicago, I think. Don't know if this is the future, or not, but it is nice to have "reading material" away from the computer.

Life a Colorful Life

I totally understand being mentioned in a magazine. That has happened to us three times in major magazines, each time under something like "fun finds." We were anticipating sales through the roof. *sigh* If only....

Made us decided against paying money for advertising in a magazine. So now we are thinking about our favorite websites and hoping that would be a better fit for us.


J, was this topic under "what do you want to know?" Because you are staying on top of it!


I just paid for my first print ad. Ouch! I was sick to my stomach at the price. We'll see if it brings sales? I really could not believe how expensive advertising would be!!!

Thanks for all this information and insight.


Pink Maple

This is all very interesting; thanks for taking the time to explain it! It is kind of sad though that a magazine can have many devoted readers (like Domino) and still go out of business.


Really enjoyed reading your thoughts on the demise of magazines and advertising. I actually enjoy having a magazine come in the mail and reading it at the table, but I can see how that is not going to fly with people younger than myself and upcoming generations. *sigh*


Thank you for all the information. It just makes me so sad to see my faves go away. I plan on reading back issues when the withdrawal gets too bad. :)

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