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April 20, 2009



It looks like another great book from Martha and her group.


Wait... are there supposed to be eyes in there??? I so cannot do seafood.. :P

j. caroline

Yes, eyes, legs, claws, you name it. Sorry- I should have posted a warning for the seafood averse.

ellen Crimi-Trent

ahh Paella yummy reminds me of the time hubby and I went to Barcelona!

Paula Bohan

That paella looks fabulous! And so does Martha's new book!


That is one crazy paella. Crazy.



Renee H

Oh my gosh! You ate that?? It reminds me of something you might see on Fear Factor! LOL!! On the other hand, the Martha Stewart book looks FABULOUS! I could easily digest that!


That looks more like art than lunch, but yummy none-the-less! And I have the Martha book from the library and have decided that I COMPLETELY need one! It's fabulous!


How do you get entered to win the book??


Wow, that question sounded dirty. You know what I meant!

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