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May 11, 2009





Well, J, cigarettes will not mess up your teeth.

j. caroline

Oh contraire. I've found those nicotine stains nearly impossible to scrub off with Finding Nemo toothpaste. ;-)


Adorable! Too cute to smoke ciggies.


Ha! Our little one uses Joe the Camel + whitening toothpaste.


we're "paci" central here too.... my little one turns 3 in two weeks, and the paci is going strong. Her language is actually a little advacned for her age, so I haven't sweated it much. Amazing how much it bothers others though! She gets "shaming" comments all of the time, such as, "you're too big for that", etc... funny, coming from people who smoke, or have a sports bottle in their mouths constantly! I look at it this way, the world is a big frightening place and if she finds a way to center herself and feel safe, so be it. I never met anyone in college who walked around with a paci.... and if they needed it at night, who cares! :-)

j. caroline

I agree- people say things to Olivia all the time about her pacifier. And I figure a pacifier in college is really going to cut down on extracurricular activities!


Ha! I have that EXACT same pose with my 3 yo son. With the same brand of plug. Maybe they're addictive. I figure..maybe he'll get past the need to smoke later in life by using up the oral fixation now. I'm hopeful.


You really need to get Olivia on the patch. Stop being an enabler! I hear that pacifiers are a gateway plastic. Soon she'll have a spatula in there, and one day... a life boat.


I love it, that is too funny!!! I remember those days with my kids. They had their spare ones in each hand though.

Grandma C

Hah - I love the paci/binki/soosie pic. It's funny how regionally they are called by different names. My kids always called it some pronounciation of soother (most people here call it that) They could say "soosie" or some such variant. My dgd called it her "soosie-plug" because on her dad's side of the family it was known as a "baby plug". However, dgd had the most original name. His Dad (now my daughter's ex thankfully) would call him names whenever he saw him with it and told him he was being a sucky baby. So from then on it was known as his "sucky baby" which we turned into a pet name for his soother used with affection rather than hurtful sarcasm. (A child at that age wouldn't get the sarcasm anyway, so we turned it around so that he would never know it was meant to be mean. It worked and he kept his sucky baby until he was ready to give it up on his own, without pressure or negative name calling. And who does it hurt anyway, holding on to something that makes you feel secure? He let go of it in stages, the way he was comfortable doing. Anyway, his thing was to have one in his mouth and another one in a location where he could find it. And he would switch when he wanted a "cold" one. As a joke one day I put his spare into the freezer and got it really cold. He loved it and would ask for one to be "put on ice" often after that. So he would then as for "a cold sucky baby".

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