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June 04, 2009


Grandma G

LOVE the pics! Thanks for sharing! 'Both' your kids have beautiful hair!

Take it easy, old mother. And don't feel you need to be clever. Just take care of yourself, as well as those two gems, and you'll be doing great.

Oh, and babies are 'supposed to' get bigger. Don't sound so surprised. ;-))


Your children are gorgeous. What a blessing!
Congratulations to you.


Oh, so cute! Congratulations!!!! Here's wishing you a nice long nap.


I see the princess nightgown! What a lovely smile.

SoBella Creations

Congrats! Beautiful children.

Paula Prass

They already look like brother and sister.


My littler girl is now 9 months, and now Delly is finally starting to get a bit threatened and jealous. Now the baby can crawl and steal her toys and we're talking more and playing more with her, and it's making big girl a bit more clingy and needy. She's still really wonderful and loving with the baby, though. It's amazing to that side of her.

Also -- in an effort to promote mommy laziness -- check out this bottle that will let you nod off while H eats:


PS Olivia is so flippin photogenic -- can that girl even take a bad picture! She's gorgeous!

Baby Monitor Reviews

Big sister with little brother :-)


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