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August 10, 2009



I definitely missed the purse era. When I found you you were already selling purse hardware etc...


Thanks for the story-I came after the purse era, I guess. Glad you are doing what you are doing, now! As an accountant-it gives he hope!!!!


wow.... who knew???


For reals? I had no idea. Can't wait to hear the rest of the story...

Grandma G

Cool! Well, except the part about the fingers. OUCH!!

Carrie S.

I totally remember your purse days! And I even had a customer who had one of your bags! I'm so glad you are blogging this, I can't wait for the next installment.

Just don't make us wait 4 months, k?

Candied Fabrics

OOOUUUCCCHHH! I feel like barfing just reading about that!

Besides that, I wanted to say - what's wrong with dyeing your own canvas - it's what I do! AND, I also know how incredibly time consuming the whole process is, and why I'll never even try to get rich selling bags (BUT, i do truly enjoy making a few for some awesome customers!)

Loving the retrospective and can't wait to hear more - except I hope there are now more hand injuries (or eye injuries) both would make me barf!!!


How cute are you in that photo?! So cute!

I still use my purse with all the grosgrain. I get many compliments on it. I'm all nostalgic now. Sigh...

Mary Anna

I have a Houston Bag that I purchased in 2003 or 2004. I love it still!

Kate K.

So fun to hear about the beginnings of your business! Sadly, I can relate to your injury story--mine is similar, but involved my thumb. The good news is that my thumb is now a great predictor of rain!


Is it lame that I kinda think the Houston bag would still sell well today? The scarf accessory thing is kindof cute. I'm just sayin'.

AND, you look 13 in this photo!

Missy Severson

Oh my goodness! I already thought you were a totally cool lady - but that crazy story confirms it! Can't wait to hear the rest!!

Jeanne White

Wow, cute purses!

Denise Camarena

Your story is pretty inspiring!! I actually want to start selling my own purses and have started screenprinting them myself too :) It's nice to hear of someone who actually made it!

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