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August 10, 2009



I remember them well. Also they had a dog Spot.


i've always loved the illustrations, although i'll be honest, i haven't actually read one, lol!


I fondly remember Dick and Jane from kindergarten. I would venture to say anyone under thirty five may not know about them. I would love to win this prize, so nostalgic.
Sew long,


Ok, ok, I'm under 30 (by a hair!), but I do know about Dick and Jane. Love the series and I especially love the MM Dick and Jane prints!!!
Happy Birthday to j. caroline!


I'm over 30, but I only saw an old one on my parents' bookshelf. It was caked in dust and every once in awhile I would pull it out and look at it. I remember thinking it was cute, but not for the reading. I always liked the illustrations, even before I knew to pay attention to that sort of stuff.

Now if somebody would make fabric out of Tomie DePaola's illustrations... I LOVE the trees and leaves he makes.


Oh-I remember it well! It was our "reader" in the 1st grade (Ugh-back in the early 50s!)I think every kid I know named their dog Spot! I was disappointed that my kids didn't have "Dick & Jane" and they are now well into their 30s. I still smile whenever I see the fabrics!


Guilty as charged (under 30). But I think the fabric is sooo cute, so that has to count, right?


I'm 34 and we never had them in our schools or in my house. However, I do know what they are and I'm familiar with the fabric (OOOH!). This is a pretty cool giveaway!


Yes! They were the first reading experience when I was a child. Love this lunchbox kit-the fabric is one of my favorites. I remember how cute the Dick and Jane artwork was and how comforting it was for a little first grader to see kids who looked like me! I'm a Grandma, so now you know it's been awhile since I saw 30! LOL


Oh, how cute! I don't remember using the Dick and Jane books when I was young. And yes, I just turned 30. However, I have newer ones for my kids to use soon.

"Vintage" Grandma G

Oh, YES! I do remember Dick and Jane (and Spot) well! I read all about them in the country schoolhouse I attended with 6-13 other students (depending on the year) that attended their 1st 6 grades there. I had the same teacher all 6 years. Oh, the memories!!

How I would love to make my 1st quilt out of that fabric!

Lynn Osborne

I learned to read with the Dick and Jane books. Wonderful memories! Thanks for the chance to win.


see spot run. run spot run. i guess i always liked the pup best!


I had one copy when I was a little girl. I can remember reading while on the swing set. Now I can't even look at directions in the car without getting motion sick!


I remember these books fondly. In 1979, they were still being used in our kindergarten class. I am and have always been a voracious reader and these books were my starting point. I always wanted a dog "Spot" for my own...


I remember them vaugely. They must have been supplemental reading, not our readers. I had know idea that there were lunch boxes!! Mass marketing back in the day!


i don't remember them at all! but i did recently make a sandwich wrap made with fabric that is very similar to this. does that count?!


I still HAVE a Dick and Jane book somewhere. I need to find it. I love Dick and Jane and made my youngest granddaughter a Dick and Jane quilt for last Christmas...


I know I read a Dick & Jane book (after I knew how to read)... can't remember if it was at school or maybe my gramma's. I went to a French school, so we "learned" to read English in ... grade 4. Yes, 4. Needless to say, I skimmed through that book (the first story was about a cat drinking milk) before turning back to my Little House on the Prairies. :P


I remember Dick and Jane, but they were on their way out. I do remember that they had an awesome dog named Spot in the books I would peruse during library time. I even had a shirt (that I LOVED)that said "See Dick Pump" with a stick figure lifting barbells. Ahhhh.....those were the days.

See Dick cheer.
See Jane smile.
See Spot retrieve the prize.
See Amanda scream so excitedly that she won something!!!

See J. Caroline's blog tomorrow for another fun filled adventure with Dick and Jane and their dog Spot.

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