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August 10, 2009



I do sew (my mom made me go to sewing camp at 10 years old) but these pieces would be decoupaged onto COOL STUFF! Yeah, I'm so glad you cleaned out your stash!

Anna Garner

My Dick & Jane entry was about my mom, and of course this one is too!

My mother made everything I ever wore until I was old enough to tell her I wasn't into it anymore...yes, an ungrateful child, I was! When I was really young, my mom taught me to hand sew - I guess she was afraid to get me on the machine just yet! I made a ton of drawstring bags - all stitched by hand! I also cross stitched, so my little fingers were busy! I had home-ec in 8th grade, so we learned to use machines then...but until 2006 I hadn't touched another machine since 8th grade!

My mother in law showed me how to thread my machine and then the ability to sew just came to me naturally. I never took a lesson or read a book - it just happened. I like to say it was my mother's talent in me, and maybe I had inherited a bit of it from her! I'm sure she'd be proud to see how far I've come since those hand sewn draw string bags!


I learned to sew when i was around 12. and didn't do much with it. now that I've got a toddler who takes naps, I've had to find something to occupy my time instead of sitting around during nap time! So i've started to collect fabric and do different things with it, purses, a diaper bag, and a bag for my stroller. I'm thinking i'd make some crayon/marker rollups! i love having something to put my crayons for my little one in! i LOVE all of your fabric, its almost time for me to buy some more!


i learned to sew because i had no choice! being 5'1" doesn't make off-the-rack pants wearing easy. so i first learned to hem and then i learned to make these crazy outfits called "units." anyone else remember these? maybe they were only popular in utah. but thanks to my mom for teaching me both!

Gail Posey

I would love to have that canvas stash to make "green" bags for all of my family and friends. No more using those plastic bags at the grocery store (actually, I already have made 6 brown canvas bags for my weekly shopping with pink webbing handles from jcaroline).

I learned to sew in the local 4-H Sewing Club in Lancaster County, PA. My mother was one of the teachers, so I had extra help at home! I loved to sew when I was 10 and I still love to sew 44 years later.


My mom taught me how to sew when I was a kid. I think my first project was a pillow, and then I made pajama pants, though I'm sure I had a lot of help!


My mother tried to teach me to sew when I was in jr. high. I wasn't a very good student though. I didn't fare much better in home ec class. Now as an adult I'm trying to "re-teach" myself and wishing I had paid more attention back then!


I learned to sew small projects with my mother when I was 12--but now that I have 3 kids of my own, I sure wish I had paid better attention! Now every time she comes to town, I try to play catch-up. Often, my hello greetings are quickly followed by, "what are you going to teach me this time?"

I would love to have some new fabric to work with. Thanks for the chance to win!


My mum taught me to sew, when I was about 3 years old! I remember sitting on the front step of our house, hand-sewing little pillows for dolls. There was always a lot of crafting going on in our house.

Missy Severson

I decided when I was in college that I wanted to be a fashion design major. I was in classes with girls who could sew circles around most people and I didn't sew at all. My Mom was not a great sewer. It took years of therapy to get past the comments I got when I wore to school the jumpsuit she sewed for me!!!
So, I decided I would teach myself to sew by buying a pattern and sewing it by hand. It took FOREVER, but all in all, I think it was a pretty good method for learning the ins and outs of a pattern. The next step was mastering the 30 year old Kenmore sewing machine I got from a friend of my Mom's...

Polly Diffenbaugh

I learned to sew as a child and now I am teaching my own kids to sew plus more. My kids like to play fabric store and have learned that they can only pretend to cut the fabric until they are actually ready to do a project.

Grandma G

I learned to sew in home ec. class, back when it was a required class for all the girls. I hated my teacher :-) and I'm sure she'd be amazed to know that I did indeed learn something and have put it into practice a LOT.

I don't know if I'd be able to sew on anything other than howaboutorange's fabrics, but I'd sure give it a try if I won these! ;-)


I'm teaching myself to sew. I've had my machine for a year & the internet has been very very helpful. :)


I was just thinking yesterday the great quips my mom taught me as she taught me to sew! "You'd never notice it from a trotting horse," for example, helped (helps) me decide whether or not to correct a mistake -- big ones yes, small ones no. Thank God for trotting horses, or I'd never finish anything. Congratulations to you on 8!

Kellie @ Greenhab

I come from a long line of quilt, sewing and fabric lovers. I learned to sew in the back of my mom's quilt shop in the 70's on an antique Singer.

Lynn Osborne

I took a sewing class when I was a teenager but I learned all the "tricks of the trade" from my mom.

Sarah S.

I learned to sew in home ec and my mom. But I am trying to reteach myself since I am still pretty much a beginner and want to do fancier stuff.


I learned to sew at the Singer Sewing Center near my home in So. Calif when I was 12. My mom worked and didn't want me goofing off all summer! I ended up sewing for her, as well as myself-I just loved it!


My maternal grandmother made all my clothes all the way through High School. And I loved it. I could visual the fabric and which pattern I wanted and she was a miracle worker. Sadly, I was never interested in sewing until her later years when she was unable to teach me. I did take Home Ec in 7th grade. I made an A-Line skirt that must have been fab as it was promptly stolen from my locker. LOL Did get an A+


I learned to sew by making sachets and pillows, my older sister taught me. My first dress was an Easter dress, and I have to say, my mom did much of it and when it was done, I had little idea exactly what had happened! But now I am quite comfortable sewing.

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