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August 12, 2009



I don't really have a favorite expression because I'm the first generation sew-er in the family. But I am teaching my daughter to sew this year in home ec, so I'm sure I'll have a whole new vocabulary before it's over!
I like the old-fashioned, "A stitch in time saves nine!"


My seam ripper is my friend. That's what my Mom used to mutter (say) as she ripped out the hems of the pants she sewed in 4 weeks earier as my brothers and I grew like weeds. It always seemed like it was just our legs growing.


I told my friend that I am a Sociology major and she asked, "Don't you mean, 'Sew-ciology?'" Love it!


Oh, I call people who use a serger, "sergeons." I know, I am so clever.


"The burning stage." Ha! I really did laugh out loud.


When our family gets an idea and starts a big project (like my husband building a wooden boat), we always say, "It's just a little bit of grout."

That comes from 10 years ago when we were remodeling our house and we were debating about tearing out an ugly fireplace one evening. I got out a chisel and started chipping away at the grout and saying, "It's just a little bit of grout. I'll quit soon." After a few minutes, my husband and daughter joined in. Two days later, the fireplace that spanned one whole wall was completely taken down. That wall now has floor to ceiling bookcases and we have two other fireplaces in the house, so it all worked out well!


Hmm ... I can't think of one I use, but I always smile when I hear "stitch in the ditch" ...


How about "Measure twice, cut once." I always have to make sure I'm paying attention when I'm cutting, otherwise I do it wrong!


I haven't been doing this that long, so I'm still getting into the lingo beyond the basic cusses that express general frustration. One of my favorites so far is "frogged," which I learned on Ravelry. A friend introduced me to that site after I got back into knitting (my last bout of knitting mania was pre all this internet stuff) and I was pleasantly surprised to find out about this lingo, and all the accompanying jokes.


My mom had a sign in her sewing room that said "creative minds are seldom tidy". I loved that saying so much, that I have taken it one step further and adopted it as my personal housecleaning philosophy!


Well, when the ole adage of "measure twice and cut once' has not worked for you, I don't use the word "mistake" or the few choice words that may go along with that instead it is a 'creative opportunity'. I first heard and started using this term at a sewing group I am a part of. Have a great day!


wow this is an amazing giveaway. this is sad to say, because i love sewing, but probably the most frequent phrases that come out of my mouth are curses. i'd have to say that mine is What The F! sorry. i know. potty mouth.... it is just that i can screw up the most simple things sometime. usually because i am rushing.

Monica Gee

My grandfather refers to a thing called "mad money" in which he gives money to my grandma, mom, or me and allows us to go "mad" in the fabric store. That has to be the best!


Yesterday, I had my first "disaster" sewing in a long time-my machines footpedal came undone and 2 pieces flew out! I cannot repeat the phrases I used-I doubt I'd teach anyone any words they had never heard, but they look worse in print! After, trying to put it back together, I let my husband give a try. At least, it gave me time to calm down and call the Bernina shop-where the pedal is going today. I will have to say, it is my machine's first visit since I purchased it over 20 years ago!

Artsy Fartsy

My favorite (or perhaps most-often used) sewing terms are not appropriate for a family-friendly blog, such as this. :) They always seem to come out right before I have to pull out the ol' seam ripper.

My seam ripper is definitely a good and familiar friend!


hmmm... i can't think of any sewing expressions off the top of my head... "back tack" made me laugh the first time i heard it though.


There is a knitting phrase that I often use while sewing. It is called "frogging". You use it when you need to rip out a seam and you say "rip it. rip it. rip it." Like a frog.


Hmmm....not really a phrase, but I always get laughed at when I call my seam ripper an "unpicker" because that's what my mom called it! I never knew any differently. I also didn't know that ramen noodles weren't called "soba" until college, but that's for a food blog, not this one.


Your giveaways are so generous- how exciting for the winners (I hope its me!)
After my father witnessed my mom trying to help me salvage a project after a cutting mistake, he said the woodworking phrase "measure twice, cut once" also applied to sewing. It has stuck with me all these years, though usually I'm ignoring it and just plowing ahead with my project.


I've been sewing for years, and I still giggle whenever I hear "fat quarter". I think it'd be a great band name.

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