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August 13, 2009



I found you through a Google search for key fob hardware almost three years ago.


i wish i could remember! but my gmail archives say it was previous to 2007. and i'm sure i found it from some sort of fabric search.

Lynn Osborne

I found you through a friend who recommended your site.


I am pretty sure I first found you from a link on How About Orange... maybe even before you started carrying her fabrics.


OH wow, it's been a while! I think I was searching for ribbon and ran across your site! LOL

Grandma G

You can blame Jess for that! ;-)


It's been long enough ago that I can't remember when I found you! I know I was looking at notions for key chains, etc. at first. Now that I've gotten into the fabric business and hooked up with the 2.0 folks (Patty, Jona, Myrinda, etc.), I've put your blog in my reader, bought fabric and met you briefly in Houston last fall. Fabric fun!


I found you about a year ago, when I was searching for ribbon, webbing, and accessories to make key fobs. I then put you in my google reader and have been a faithful follower since!


i'm almost positive it was via How About Orange! It's been a long time! :)


I found you through a google search last January looking for the metal key fob notions. Now I subscribe to you through google reader....

Elizabeth Wilson

What generous giveaways. I found your site probably 1.5 years ago. I was searching for a tutorial on making a purse and came across yours! Happy Birthday.


I found you just after I got my sewing machine for Christmas. I was looking for how-tos and patterns and I've been addicted since!

Missy Severson

I probably found jcaroline 3 years ago. I was buying ribbon to make ribbon belts and keyfobs.


I found jcaroline about 2-3 years ago. I found it via a blog that covered your tutorial on button cover projects *I think*.


I found you via How About Orange a while back but was a total lurker until I met you at BlogHer. Now it seems you can't get me to stop commenting!


Oh- all the fun things one could make with that stash!
I found you when my sister forwarded me your site as a source for ribbon, no idea how she found you.


I have NO IDEA how I found your site. It was either from someone else's sidebar or else through google reader suggestions. I've been reading you for at least six months... maybe longer? Anyone with wonderful fabric choices or beautiful quilts will get added to my rss reader! And you definitely qualify!


I found you through my friend who recommended you for fabric purchasing! I love your store!


I found your site about a year ago, maybe, through How About Orange.


I found you about four months ago. I was reading How About Orange's blog and she linked to you as a place to get her fabric. I perused your selection, and I was hooked!

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