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August 12, 2009



I have 3 young boys - so everything gets stashed in Mom's purse... Let's just say I've never completely downsized from the diaper bag, but getting through church is much easier when who knows what gems are found at the bottom of my purse. As far as what it weighs - too much!

janet in fort worth

For years I either didn't carry a purse (in winter when I could use coat pockets) or used a very small leather credit card case with an attached key ring. One that I used even had room for lipstick.

Then a few years ago my daughter began giving me colorful handbags for my birthday. That started me buying them myself. I now have four green bags, two red, one purple, one orange, one yellow and one turquoise...very few neutrals. None of them are very large, because I don't like losing things in the bottom of a big bag. I prefer that they not have too many pockets, either, because then I never know where I've put things in all those pockets. Only a few things regularly go in my purse...small wallet (the previously mentioned credit card case), keys, cell phone, lipstick or gloss, a packet of tissues, a pen, sunglasses and coupons and sometimes a pack of Orbit gum.


I was never a big bag kind of person until I had a baby. Now instead of having a purse and a diaper bag it's more like the "everything bag". Don't know how much it weighs, but sometimes it hurts my shoulder =)


My current bag of choice is Amy Butler's birdie sling...which is definitely a big bag. I love it! It's so nice being able to have everything I might need with me. I'm not sure the max that it's weighed, but I call it my Mary Poppins bag. At one point I had something like 5 big books, a camera, aand a couple of dvds in it, besides all the day-to-day stuff one might need.

Marty Mason

Since I no longer work for a big, bad corporate American company, I have sized down to a small bag. So much more comfortable than a biggy. And small still holds a credit card, DL, and lip gloss! What more does one need?


I keep all my essentials in a see through vinyl zipper bag. Then I just move it from purse to purse. I love to make bags for family and friends and of course me!! They like big ones, Mom likes zippers and I like medium size... Don't like to carry too much.


I'm somewhere in the middle. I like having a case for my sunglasses and plenty of room for a book if I'm carrying one, but I don't have a ton of extras in my purse. I'm sure that will change once I have kids, though!


My purse mood depends on where I am going. Sometimes I like to carry everything. Sometimes I carry a wristlet. I like to mix things up a bit.


I am DEFINITELY an everything including the kitchen sink and a porta potty in my purse! I have a couple of pull-ups and some wet wipes and I'm the grandma, for heaven's sake!

No idea on the weight of my purse, but my husband refers to it as a mugger beater.


I live in my purse! I'm a big purse kind of gal! I have no idea how much it weighs, but others are always shocked when they lift it.

Dawn G.

I'm a diaper bag stick in my keys and wallet kind of gal. If I don't have the diaper bag, I just take a small bag with my wallet.


i oscillate between the 2 - clutch to run to work with only keys, gum & lip balm. tote to go to school with books & notes. medium sized purse to go shopping... i love purses & switch between a few i have constantly (depending on my outfit of course).


I used to be a huge bag person, but I just discovered the wristlet and now I'm obsessed!!! Love that bag, though! My wedding flowers were sunflowers!


I guess I like a mama bear sized- not too big, not too small- big enough for the basics, but everything else needs a real home. The downside is I NEVER find Twizzlers in my purse- maybe I should reconsider?


I'm in the middle, too. I like carrying a purse that can hold what I need, like my wallet, some lotion & hand sanitizer, small notebook, pens, lip stuff, etc....and little bigger so I can carry my camera and maybe a waterbottle, too....but I don't like carrying around a big heavy purse. I do love bags and use them often for trips to the park or places where I need to carry around my kid's stuff. :-)


I love big bags but never carried much stuff in them until I had a baby. Now there sometimes is everything but the kitchen sink in my bag.


I'm kind of an in between kind o person. You know... I intend to be neat and tidy, but then make big bags and receipts pile up along with bags of candy... I know, I just can't help myself.


Definitely everything plus the kitchen sink! I love a big bag! I am not sure that there is really that much in there but I love having the extra space to dig around! Plus I always have everything with me that I don't need and I never ever have anything in there that I do need! ;)

Lyla Taddei

Everything and the kitchen sink...don't you have to be when you have kids?


Kitchen sink and beyond. It weighs a ton. I think my purse says a lot about my personality and my way of life...and not in a flattering way.

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