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August 13, 2009



I can't stand the lack of storage space in my condo!


Best thing about the house - the new front door with oval window and door - light filled.

Worst thing about the house - the plumbing keeps acting up - toilet handles break, faucets leak, etc. YUK!!

I'd use the gift certificate to get something great to highlight my entrance hall.


What elicits strong emotions about my house?? The fact that its not my house; we're renting. I cannot wait for the day that we'll own our very own home!


What I hate about my house is it's just dull. Now, I just recently got the blogging bug and have tons of ideas to spice it up...new fabric would help!

Samantha Piette

The worst thing: It doesn't clean itself! Haha! I would love to be one of those people who you could drop in on and their house is always in order. Mine certainly is not and I envy those people!


I cannot stand my laundry room/hallway to the garage! It can barely fit the machines in there!
But I LOVE my new kitchen! :)

Lynn Osborne

What drives me nuts right now is my sun room. It could be so cute but it's just a hodge podge of leftover furniture that is old and mismatched. Some day I'll make that a project!


I rent, and the thing I hate the most is that I can't paint! I could also use a few more closets!


I hate my small kitchen!


I hate that there is no direct access to the backyard. You have to go through the kitchen door, into the carport, and through another door.


Currently, I hate our windows. they fog up between the panes in the winter and we live up on the 8th floor of our condo bldg. so getting them replaced requires the window guys to strap themselves in like rock climbers and dangle off the side of the bldg. Needless to say, it adds a bit of cost to having them replaced :)


I really love my house. The only thing I could really use is a maid. Oh, and my refrigerator's ice & water in the door don't work. BOO!


I hate the ceilings in our house right now. The prior owners painted the ceilings a dark khaki. Yes, dark khaki. Throughout the house. It makes the house so much darker. We'll be hiring a painter this fall to repaint them all white/off-white. Thanks for all the great give-a-ways, Caroline!


I really dislike the boring primer only paint on the walls. I would love to spruce it up with something bold, but I would even be happy with a light gray.

I do love my son's room. It is very much a mish mash, but it is him. Jonas Brothers posters cover the ugly walls, crazy bed spread made by his super loving mother that doesn't quite fit, lego items on pretty much every surface, and books everywhere. He has his own style that is very him and it always makes me smile.

I also LOVE the light in the apartment, the bathroom is the only room with out a window. There is light everywhere.


Well, we bought our home last May and I am still trying to decorate! It takes so much work, our living rooms pillows are made from Anna G. and Alexander H. fabric that I bought from your shop.


Love: This history of it (1913) and all the great architecture that comes along with it, like the glass transoms and fan lights, the great moldings and pocket doors.

Hate: The history of it. Which allows for a tall, skinny house. The lack of "flow" between rooms.


Oh, and the three stories of dirty windows that just cake up, living on a major thoroughfare and all. And me being too cheap to have them cleaned. And too lazy to do it myself.


Cream colored carpet! I hope to someday rip it all out and have wood floors.


I LOVE the color in my house. When I bought it a little over a year ago I painted every room within 3 months. 13 years of dirty-cream rental walls will do that to you.


I love my house, I love my big white chaise long... and my white glass-wood kitchen

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