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August 13, 2009


Dana V.

I still have a couple yards of the 'Shopping Ladies' in pink. I won't cut into it because then it will be gone and I won't have it any more. Which is stupid as all get-out, but true nonetheless.


Oh my gosh! I bourght a canvas (or heavier) weekend bag in one of the Alexander Henry fashionista prints -- years ago.

I too have some pretty bad purse/shoe prints in my stash. Not quite sure what I was thinking! I was in the home decor/accessories industry back then, and I remember some of the shoe / purse motif accessories and artwork that we sold. Crazy! Im sort of glad that era has passed.


I actually still like some of that Michael MIller stuff. I remember when I first started buying fabric that wasn't calico fabric. For whatever reason, I kept buying fabric with CATS all over it. Multi colored cats. What was THAT all about??? Oy.

Renee H.

I love the fashionista! I have some with a black background. But I didn't sew when it came out, I got mine from an Etsy seller. We traded, back when I got it I made and sold candles, so she got several candles and I got several yards of the fabric!


I really need to enter all your giveaways since you like funky things so much! LOL

Angie Beermann

oooohhh i miss that amy butler "kimono" (think that's what it was called!)


I love most of those fabrics!

Liz in Kansas

These are such great fabrics. I think I still have some of one of the Alexander Henry prints. Wow!

Missy Severson

I am not ashamed to admit that I still have many of those prints in my stash!!

Sew Gracious {Pam}

What a fun walk down memory lane! I bought several of those, but not sure any made it to the current stash.

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