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August 12, 2009



How cool, an ad in USWeekly! Buy your diet pills and breast enlargements, don't forget that JCaroline purse, you will need it for your date that you met on the internet!

I remember your ribbons of the month club!


I am rather sad that I didn't get one of your purses back in the day. I love how they look!

Of course, my husband would throttle me if I even let on that I was admiring another purse! LOL


I love that you were able to continue to provide employment for your crew!


great story! congratulations!


Awesome! Thanks for sharing.


Did J Caroline ever have a storefront called J Tiras in the Post Oak area? I bought a cute purse from them years ago and used it until it absolutely fell apart. It had a hand-made feel to it, and cost more than I had ever spent before on a purse at the time. I still miss it. Sob-sob.

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