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August 07, 2009



Wow! I can't believe it's been 8 years. I hope there are no photos from when I used to "help" you when I was "drunk" and made you listen to all that ABBA. Remember when I hit myself with the giant rubber mallet?

Kelly T

I went straight over and the coupon code is expired-is it not ready until Sunday?

j. caroline

Yes, I have drunk pictures and I will use them against you. And yes, you have never recovered from the mallet hit.

j. caroline

Sorry Kelly! I had messed up the coupon badly-- but it's fixed now!


Kewl! I love parties!

Grandma G

Ooooohhh... next week sounds fun! Happy Birthday, j. caroline!!


Sounds like fun! Happy 8th Anniversary!

Live a Colorful Life

Party on!


WOW - I'm way impressed - 8 years.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Looking forward to checking in next week.




Congrats!!! Hey do you have any Sis Boom brown and white stripe???


I've been away from blog checking for at least a full week, and probably two, so what a surprise to see you had so many posts on your birthday week! Happy birthday. I'm sorry I missed all the fun, but it was fun to read about your story!

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