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August 14, 2009


Kate K

I adore the picture of you in your glasses that is above the left column of your blog! It just makes me smile! Thanks for the great behind-the-scenes glimpse.


Yeah, how DO you stay so fit and trim?


I'm pretty sure Caroline has a portrait in her closet that is getting older. Allegedly.


Wow, this has been fun. Thanks for the chance to win!

Live a Colorful Life

I love learning how you and Jessica connected. Here is a cool tidbit (for me at least....). I am meeting Grandma G on Monday. Love this blogging world!


And you made a great choice with Jessica...I love that sweet pea design group she made. Her new stuff too!

 Cicada Studio

Great story!

Debbie Pearson

I hope you are going into the Fabric printing business that makes it affordable for us Indie designers to create our own. Maybe wishful thinking but I'd love to get my graphic designs on fabric myself. Seeing you achieve your dream gives me hope.

Renee H.

Love your story! Thanks for sharing it with us!


You're not going to believe this, but I was just wondering yesterday about the story of how your "How About Orange" connection came to be! These posts have been so interesting -- best wishes for the next chapter (or continuation of this one, I should say)!


Going on strike offs and seeing BIG yardage being printed is such a thrill! I used to do it when I designed for Carters. I loved that gritty manufacturing part too.

ny custom furniture

The giveaways are the best [part of the blog participation process...the fabric article is very good.


Just been reading up on your posts of your shop's history. I believe you were the first real quilt shop I purchased fabric from way back in, let's see - 2005 maybe? I was thrilled that you were in TX and the fabric came so quickly. Neat to hear where you came from and where you're going and such a fun read!

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