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August 27, 2009


sue b

I am so tempted to buy myself one of these! I assume you don't have to use the screen on the yudo to print onto the fabric correct? Can you just use the screen to print on the fabric directly without having to place it on the machine?

Leslie Lamb

I want to Yudu too! I have been lusting after this ever since I saw it and wondering how good it really is. Thanks for the review, I think it's just been added to my Christmas list!

j. caroline

You don't have to use the screen on the machine, so you could move the screen over to a big piece of fabric if you wanted. Or I've even thought it would be pretty awesome to silkscreen on the wall as well.

Katie F.

oh wow, this is awesome! I WANT ONE!!!!


Wow--that clarity really is amazing! I've done traditional screen printing and it's a lot of itty bitty steps--fun, but tedious. This looks like it'd really streamline the process and to be able to get such great results... I'm in. (And I'm also wondering what they'll come up with next, between this and the new letterpress gizmo.)

Liz in Kansas

Wow! I might actually be able to use this without turning my studio into a disaster! I will have to re-think my printing options now. And there's always room for another gadget!


The quality looks great! I am so excited that you have this. I expect great things from you and Yudu.

I'm making my list of inappropriate t-shirts right now!


LOVE your design! I can't believe the detail and the quality! I let my husband know that it's on my Christmas List (Well, it IS my Christmas List!)

Erin Bassett

Your design & pillow turned out great! I use my Yudu on so many surfaces (fabric, wood, canvas, paper, vinyl, etc)...it's so fun!

Feel free to add your blog to my Yudu blog list: http://erinbassett.typepad.com/creativite/2009/07/do-you-yudu.html


I have to add that I've done some cheap and easy....15 minute screens using PhotoEZ. Draw on paper with a sharpie and set in sun then rinse.
You'd have to google it because I can't remember the site! Pretty good for the mildly crafty.


I was sad I missed that demo at BlogHer. Definitely something I should have made time for.

Have you considered making inappropriate pillows?


Looks really, really neat...I'm still a bit intimidated, though, so I'll keep looking over people's shoulders for a while.


We used Yudo for my son's project (T-shirt screenprinting). We follow the instructions and we did everything to make the ink stays on the shirt, but after the 1st wash, the ink faded and spread everywhere on the shirt.
I am not going to use their ink and emulsion anymore. I'll just buy my materials to a screenprinting supplies warehouse instead of buying Yudo supplies.


i'm looking for the physical address or phone # for YUDO... i don't use credit cards & would be interested in possably ordering the screen-printer if they would except a "US POSTAL MONEY ORDER"::: ThanX Much...Rossi..... P.S. i saw it advertised on TV:::


Oops! 20/20 hind sight: How do i know what the 'shipping & handling' cost ??? ThanX Again...Rossi....


Interesting that you had info on where to buy it but the website doesn't.


I just purchased my yudu machine and will make gifts this year using the machine and make money for my summer trips.

Can you use any nontoxic paper or does it have to be yudu paint.


Watch Michaels Craft sales and Joann Fabrics. They are selling the machine. I paid $212.00 with tax and it was on sale at Michaels store last week.

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