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November 23, 2009


Melissa {is•ly}

Congratulations!! He's a very lucky boy to get a mama like you.

Katie F.

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you and your family (and most of all for Henry)!!

Happy Thanksgiving!




As an adoptive mom to 2 kids, I understand the relief of finalizing. Congratulations and my best to you and your family!

Laura Zarrin

Congratulations on your beautiful boy's adoption! Give him an extra snuggle from me.


FYI, I accidentally (on purpose) took a bite out of Henry on Friday. He is so yummy!

Congrats to your family.


Congratulations...many many happy wishes to you and your family!

Grandma G

How cute! Congratulations, Mama (and the rest of the fam)!

I didn't know Tylenol came in a hose-down form. Does that work better than the oral kind?



Jessica Jones

Congrats, Caroline!

Paula Prass

Oh how wonderful. Tim and I were just digging through old photos and found the one where we went to court so Tim could adopt the kids. The judge was so great, he had the kids come up and sit in his lap for a photo. Wonderful memories.

Hugs to all!


How exciting! I think I would be a total basketcase until the official adoption date. I don't know how you managed. Probably too busy to dwell on it. Congrats. He's a super cute guy.


Oh my goodness, he is so cute. Big huge congratulations! How cool that it was on National Adoption Day!


Congratulations! This November it'll be 25 years ago that my mom adopted me and my sister. Your family is so blessed!

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