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January 26, 2010


Grandma G

Maybe you oughta get her a supply of hats?!

Toooo funny!

And her outfit is delightful! :-)


I had to go back & read the original post and never laughed so hard! But I can't believe she did it again!


I think that post was my first visit to your blog and it sealed the deal for me. You then became bookmarked based on that entry alone. Fabric schmabric, I'm here for the humor! (ok, I've actually ordered stuff too). SO funny that it needed to be cut off. She's obviously gifted.


Not again.....

Childrens hats

Hi, we do struggle to get good fabric suppliers in the UK. And designers of fabric! I design childrens hats and have to source fabrics and trim from America and Europe. Just wanted to say how fab your fabric selections are. Hopefully order from you soon. Kind Regards Edwina

Lisa Carroccio

ROTFL! She is too adorable!


Oh, I have stories like that from own three children...too funny!


OMG. I'm getting caught up on blogs... This is freaking hilarious! That girl is too much.


Had I read this post prior to seeing her in her panda shirt in the hall today I think I would have peed in my pants...

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