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March 27, 2010



I have an idea, but don't know if it will help.

Would it work to search for 'Henriksdal' on ebay and look at the dimensions given in the different descriptions?

For example, item no 200452351890 (the URL link is too long!) gives dimensions for the chair - not sure if its the same one as yours though.

Hope this helps a little in your quest.

Dana V.

I have a set of Henriksdal chairs from at least 6 years ago:

hope that helps. I'd be happy to send you one of the covers to make the pattern from, if that would help. I never use all six chairs at the same time anyway.


Well, I have some Henriksdal chairs just purchased within the last couple of months. The dimensions are exactly the same as yours. From my research, the original chairs were discontinued in the summer of 2009.

Hope I win :)! I'd love some chair covers!


Mine are 2+ years old.

Sandi Henderson

Do you want me to measure the ones you gave me? Or do you know the measurements from those?


Hi Caroline,

Well, I bought mine end of Oct 2009 and assumed they were the new version, but it looks like I have the old measurements.

For my chairs a=16.5 inches, b=20, c=20.5, d=17.5

Hope this helps!


i hope you solved your dilemma. i'm going thru same thing now.
bought our chairs sometime after august 1, 2009 so having same problem as you.
can't find covers online anyway, but would love to know the reason for ever so slightly changing the dimensions! i assume it's an error at the factory as why do this??
My chair measures a: 18"
b: 20 1/2"
c: 21"
d: 20"
it appears that nothing is exact with these chairs, but we got what we paid for! just hope i can find replacement covers!
i think we both have the new chair, but do recall them being on sale so that seems to negate that thought....so appears now that there are at least 3 different version of almost identical chair! tks ikea! :(
did you find covers anywhere?


Yes, I found this out when I ordered a slipcover from someone in the US and found that it was about two inches too wide for my (Netherlands bought) chair. It seems Ikea made the US sold chair wider, maybe to accomodate for bigger people. But they never announced it, which sucks for people who order replacement slipcovers.

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