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March 26, 2010


ellen Crimi-Trent

wow how great! Whenever you can influence someone to maybe think about another path.. well its just plain awesome..! I love that people take time out to think of trying to make a difference in the teenagers lives.. they are on their next step which is taking care of themselves and to help them see another side of themselves is just fantastic!! Love it!


As an owner of a fabric store we get so many requests for donations. Isn't it wonderful to know that such a simple gift as a few yards of fabric can change lives. Good for you for donating and for Melanie for her donation of time.


Oh, I love this story! I am going to look into doing this, too!


Aww, look how great those projects turned out! Those girls should be so proud of themselves. As you know, I cannot sew a lick!


I have a friend with ten kids, six adopted from Ethiopia. They're always coming up with projects for me to sew for them. This summer, just as soon as my daughter's wedding is over, I'm going to teach the girls to sew. I plan to work on a different project with one child at a time. Can't wait!

karen l

I'm in Houston and have thought about this very thing. Teaching someone how to sew could really change how they live - if you find a project, I'd love to help!

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