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March 03, 2010



She is AMAZING and I can't get enough of her site. I actually interviewed her for a post here:


I am saving up for a compound miter saw as we speak. I only wish I would have found her site BEFORE I moved away from my father and all of his tools! I wouldn't have had to be so patient!


I love that website. A couple years ago I made our daughter a dresser, bed, and nightstand from a sketch. The knock-of-wood blog makes me want to do some more.


Very cool idea. thanks for sharing. I will bug the website although I have no talent with wood.


WOW! This is sooo coool! I'm feeling a new creative wind blowing over to me, too! Not yet sure what it is yet, though... I found this blog very inspiring! Thank you for sharing this!


Please protect our fingers.


I meant your fingers--not ours, unless I'm close that is.


I found your website when I was on a sewing kick and now I am finding it again since I am on a furniture building kick! Building is very much like sewing in which the measuring and cutting is the WORST part! Once you get past that, it's all good! (other than the breaking drill bits and forgetting to charge the damn drill!)


I found your site through hers... she has some great stuff - I plan to make some of her stuff too!

When I read your post I felt like I had found my kindred spirit - I do the same thing - getting all tied up in one type of project then going on to something else... that is why I have a craft room FULL of every kind of craft supply imaginable.

glad to have found you!

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