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March 30, 2010



I'd like to start my own business in the future and I wish I knew more about buying supplies wholesale.


great giveaway! i've been wanting to get this book... i've started 2 businesses one in the craft area and i wish i known more about marketing my business as it's still something i find the hardest


I've been toying with the idea of starting a craft business, too. I'd be interested in learning more about pricing my work: factors to consider, how to be competitive, and at the same time not undervaluing the time/effort/creative energy that handmade goods require.

Thanks so much!


There are a few things:
1) How expensive getting started really can be. I knew I'd need fabric and supplies but there are a lot of other expenses that you don't expect until you're in it.
2) How to pick the right marketplace for my work. I created an Etsy shop and had business cards (500!) printed with my Etsy URL on them. Now I've discovered that Etsy is not the right marketplace for my work. Luckily I also have my Facebook address on the back of the cards as that's where I sell most of my work.
3) How to properly price my work. At first I was afraid of over-pricing and not getting any sales. Now I see that I've more than likely under-priced my work. My new task is to figure out how to raise prices without losing customers. I've learned that my prices have to reflect value and I have to be able to pay myself.

Henria O.

I'd be interested in resources to help you develop and market your "brand."
sazzyfrazz at gmail dot com


I dont have a business, nor do i intend to start one. If there's any talk i'd like to listen to however, it would be how to organise and stay organised. Its easy to start something, and keep going, but to do it stress-free and to be able to enjoy it, the more organised things are the better.. especially when it comes to finances!


Hmm... I don't have a business because I am afraid I will start to hate that which I now love... that might be something worth talking about. How do you hold onto your passion when it becomes your job.


The one thing that I wish I had known before starting was how much time is spent not on making your products. I still struggle with how to keep up with blogging, marketing and all networking (actually, I'm not keeping up at all!).


My biggest problem with my business is time management! I wish I had know that starting a sewing business isn't just sewing, its, listing, pricing, accounting, shipping and all the little things in between!


I think its really important to know up front that you have to allocate time each week to the accounting/admin function of your business....and other fucntions that you may not like. When I have the money to pay someone else, this is the first thing I will be farming out so that I can focus on my strengths! Awesome book - can't wait to read it!

Kari Dent

I wish I knew how to balance what my personal taste is with what people are willing to buy.

Lebec E Girl

As a crafter for many years and currently unemployed, this looks like a book that I need to read!

Robyn - Coffee and Cotton

I would like to know the warning signs that say you have gone beyond providing good customer service and have lost control...to know when you have a bad customer that you should just walk away from. Clear as mud?


I wish I had known when I purchased several espresso stands, a video store and a mail and packaging business that I would have been much happier purchasing and running a business that was related my passion - Quilting! Luckily I had no problems with the accounting as that is what I did in my "previous" life. But after 10 years of employee hassles and managing 6 stores in a 50 miles radius and working one full-time I sold them all. Now I wish I had the energy left to run my own local quilt shop - instead, I just frequent them - LOL! Now that I'm retired, I am thinking about selling some of my handmades on Etsy.


I'd love to hear advice regarding how to truly follow your passion for a business idea, and not get side tracked on what will be the most marketable.

Stick A Needle In It!

I checked The Handmade Marketplace out at the library, and would love to have my own copy. The book sent me to you, by the way, although I had found you earlier when I was looking for a pattern for a hobo bag. Just couldn't remember how to get back to you, and then I started reading The Handmade Marketplace, and I recognized your name immediately. Glad you're getting settled in. I'm a new fan of your blog!

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