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March 18, 2010


Grandma G

What an adorable little doll! SHE 'makes' that dress!


I don't think I commented the other day on the haircutting post so I'll do that here--you are hilarious! I had that happen with both my daughters....hair and yarn skeins both. It is much funnier when reading about it from someone else!

And about this post--that is a darling dress and I just bought one this week too. My daughter is in size 6 but she is going to wear it as a top.

But back to Olivia--she is so cute and I love the new haircut!

renaissance costume

she cuts her own hair without your permission? :D cute kiddo! she seems to be very adorable..


I loved seeing all of the Liberty things at Target, too, but...I didn't end up buying anything! There were a few things here and there that I thought about, but nothing ended up in my shopping cart :)

I have to agree with the "being spoiled" comment...I work at a scrapbook company and talk about being around some talented designers! I'm glad someone else feels that there are cuter things out there. I will say, though, that it's fun to see the world of pattern design being celebrated at Target!


I am writing only to say that that short hair is absolutely adorable.


I feel the same about the patterns. I DO so love walking into Target lately and seeing the giant signs hanging from the ceiling in all those patterns. WOWZA! Love it. BUT, I feel like telling everyone, "You should see the new fabric line by So-and-So." My non sewing friends are missing out.

Something I've wondered though...when you go to "Quilt" shows, and the fabric is more for sewing and what not these days, and not su much for quilts...do all the same Mucky-mucks like Michael Miller and YOU and Kaufman, etc go to the "Sewing Expos" as well?


I completely agree! I was SO excited to see what they had, and I even bought quite a bit of the Sixty print, but once I had it at home - it just wasn't as great as the prints that I have from all of my favorite designers. One of the things I noticed the most - and was the most annoying to me - was that they scaled the prints based upon what they were printing it on and sometimes that meant that the black lines would be bolder or softer, and in some cases, the black outlines completely outweighed the rest of the print. That was my peeve :) So, to the return desk I went. It made me pretty darn appreciative of the access I have to awesome fabric, that's for sure!

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