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March 01, 2010


Grandma G

Who is that "Jessica", anyway?! (Guess I'll have to check out her blog.) She must be some crazy friend! "Friend"???


That Jessica is a hoot! Love it.

Jessica Jones

Thank you to Patty Young http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2449/4016412793_ce67cb223d_o.jpg and Giselle Bundchen http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_tntL7SVBIe8/SGLBAyv9vVI/AAAAAAAAB_A/G7VpikzUFuI/s400/giselle3.jpg making Caroline's new career possible.

Paula Prass

To Caroline and Jessica,
So I'm on the phone with Jennifer, thinking we're having an indepth convo. But you know how you can sense you've lost the other person, so I asked what she was watching on TV (The Bachelor?). She apologizes and says, "You have got to go to Caroline's blog". Enough said.

Jessica..I've heard those rumors,too. Thanks for exposing the truth.

daisy janie

too, too, too funny - she's a clever one, that Jessica! anytime 'close to the vest' can be used in witty repartee is a-one with me!


AHAHAHA! That Jessica! Too funny! Of course, I recognized the picture right away and was about to come here & post the source but then I saw Jess beat me to it. Who knew I was 1 degree of separation from Tyra?!? Awesomeness!



Oh Caroline, my first thought was that picture looked like Cynthia. Don't tell her I said that. Shhh!

You peeps should see the pic of Caroline I use for her contact info on my phone. Fierce is an understatement.


I also think you should get hair extensions. Please!


I don't think that's really your mouth, however--is it?????? Tooooo funny,you know we've always wanted Farrah hair.


That's just stinkin' hilarious! I do love the extensions though (do it!).

Janet Newman

I didn't recognize you! Love from your mother

 Cicada Studio



Ha! I love it!

Dana Blase

Extensions...just like Kate Goslin (however you spell her last name). Next thing we know, you will be on Dancing with the Stars.

ellen Crimi-Trent

that is awesome!! love the pic!

Judy Faust

Tyra...Who? Olivia is so much cuter and would probably be happy to share hints for some of her "super model" poses.


Oh - hilarious! Thanks for the laugh, both of you!

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