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April 28, 2010



It mostly fits into one of those plastic three drawer units. But I'm running out room there so I'm having to pile it on top now.

I have great powers of denial - so I think it's fine. My reasoning is that my husband never has to get rid of any fishing supplies b/c he might need them one day. Then same applies to fabric.


I'm working on my stash, so it fits neatly on my bookshelf. I only attempt to clean it up when we move houses (three times so far). I love Sandi Henderson's stuff and I would LOVE that book!


My fabric stash is sitting in one large bin on the bottom of a shelving unit. (The other bins hold thread, ribbon, patterns, a serger, etc.) I also have smaller scraps hanging in plastic bag b/c you never know when you're going to need them! And I never clean it up b/c again, you never know when that one piece might come in handy!


Ooooo, so pretty! My fabric stash is organize by color on a short bookcase that rest under my sewing table which is great as long as you don't count all the boxes of unorganized fabric that I hide in various places around the house. ;) Clean it up? Not so much just stuff it in the boxes that people cannot see...much to hubby's chagrin. ;)


I would have to say my stash fits not so neatly into a closet. I used to have them separated by color and patterns in clear, plastic shoe boxes with lids in a closet, but now it's grown so large that I just have them folded and stacked in the closet and they're kind of spilling out of the closet.


My fabric is mostly shoved in a bookcase. It was neat the day I put it there. Whatever doesn't fit is in piles all around it. My tidy daughter looks at it in disdain, but she never does anything to fix the problem.

Sara Neyer

I don't know HOW I collected all this fabric? It just appeared? It fits into the allotted space as long its all folded nicely but that only happens on Groundhog Day. Otherwise, its like a messy party of prints in there. And there's snippets of thread ALL over the house!


Mine mostly fits into one and a half bookshelves with a bit of overflowing and not so neat anymore. Um, I never clean it up...maybe when I move? ha ha!


let's try this again....

we have our house on the market so half my stash is in storage.. I kind of like the looks of the clean closet..

I try to keep it clean, but refused the realtor's suggestion that we make my sewing room back into a bedroom...hello! there are 3 other bedrooms...


My fabric stash is taking over my sewing room! I have big plans for the scrap bags, 6 of the plastic zip bags that comforters come in. Unfortunately I don't have the time! Whenever I see someone selling their scrap bags on etsy I debate doing it, but I just can't bring myself to do it.


I and my husband built me a cutting table using two 9x9 "cubeicals" and a full-sized piece of MDF from lowe's, and both of those shelving units are full of fabric. and the two wire storage units next to them. and allllll the little bits I can't seem to throw away because darnit somehow they'll come in handy! I have to say I am between options 2 and 3 when it comes to cleanup.


My stash mostly fits in two half-size bookcases, but it's starting to overflow again. I clean it up regularly because I don't like disorder, but that doesn't include getting rid of any. I just reorganize it so it fits better. I don't even know where I could donate fabric that I should get rid of!


Mostly fits in one large plastic bin and six small containers. But that excludes the huge roll of 52' fabric hanging around my bedroom closest waiting for me to finish that reupholstry job I've been talking about for 2 years.


#2, Doesn't fit so neatly on a bookshelf. And I want to buy more! Is there a term for this condition?


My stash fits nicely in a closet. I'm trying to clean it up some and put some of it to good use. Oh how I love fabric!


I love reading about the state of other people's stashes :) Mine is currently in 6 drawers and 4 boxes plus random piles and bags... So far I've only tidied it when we had someone who needed to use the spare room where it's all kept (so twice in 3 years!)


It is bursting out of a big trunk! I NEED this book!


i've got mine in a closet where it is pretty well organized. but that's because i have a problem. i'll be the first to admit this.


A couple of BIG totes. But it's all just kind of shoved in there... Messy!

The book looks super cute!


I'm working on my stash but must be doing well as my husband has recommended a new house with a stash room all of its own so it will fit in..... now how do I get it there though....

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