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May 06, 2010


Jessica Jones

You're like a magpie. Can't wait to see what shiny things you will add to your header collection. Christmas tree tinsel. Bottle caps. Pieces of broken glass you find in the parking lot. Awesome. Knock yourself out.

And, er, don't tell anybody I said this, but making ribbon is, ahem, kind of fun. It's like playtime. I don't have to put any patterns in repeat, or make sure a marketing piece is succinct and compelling with a prominent call to action. SWEET!

Grandma G

I heard that, Jess!!!


I love the ribbons and just comment on her blog about a million things you can do with them. I love the brown one and plan on buying, would love to have an array of colors lime and orange, a lighter pink and green. Love the houses too and can't wait to purchase a few.


I LOVE the blue golf carts. LOVE.

So now, creative Caroline, can you give us some ideas for their use? I know about the key chains, and I like to sew them on top of the straps you sell and use them with bags....but I'm such a novice sewer, I need more ideas.

Readers? Ideas?


Hey, your new header looks great! Nicely done, Jessica. I love the brown houses. I think they look like they have cookies AND fat glasses of wine in them, and possibly even clean toilets.

More ribbon, Jessica and Caroline. I cannot get enough of all the cute you two produce.


I really like the ones with the houses! :) They are super cute! And I love ribbons!


Thanks for the shout out! Someone came in and bought the entire bolt of the green golf carts last week. Time to reorder!


Aarti Badamikar

Very very pretty pretty!!! :)

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