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I am the owner of the business, jcaroline, which was started in August of 2001 to design and manufacture handbags. That business morphed into jcaroline creative! which sells fabric, ribbon and other creative supplies. jcaroline creative! employs 7 women and operates from a business park in Houston, Texas and of course, on the web.

The "j" is for my first name, Janet, though I have always been called Caroline. I was named in the days before computers when my parents didn't see a problem calling their child by her middle name. On the upside, I can immediately recognize junk mail or legal notices by the "Janet C." address. Growing up, my father owned his own business and my mother sewed our clothes. It followed that I chose a practical business major (Accounting) and turned it into a creative business. I have absolutely no design training, but hope to be one when I grow up.