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October 03, 2007



Wow! I do feel inspired. However, Olivia's blue block is really an eyesore. You should teach her to put her stuff away.

In case any of your readers are interested, October is National Sarcasm Month. :)

crystal munoz

Caroline!! I love these pics it makes me feel like I am there!! You are the only person I know that has so much clutter and can tell you where everything is!!


I LOVE IT! I'm so glad I'm not the only one who lives in a constant state of disarray. . . though I did completely overhaul my sewing room last week and have done an abnormally decent job at keeping it clutter free so far. Anyway - thanks for the pictures! They made my day!


Too funny... I love the idea of books freely roaming in and out of their well-aired shelves... You truly are an inspiration! Or, at least a kindred spirit in the world of messy work spaces. :)


HA! That's one great post :)

jessica haddad

Your inspirational space is just proof of your creative genius -- you are so busy working and creating that you do not have time, or need, to put anything "away."

Lisa NYC

ROTFLMAO!!!! Awesome!

Carrie S.

This is hilarious! I can so relate to this today, as I was going to post what my studio looks like when I'm getting ready for a show! It's not much different from yours!

The Simple Family

Please tell me that there are crumbs under everything....

j. caroline

Crumbs? How about half-eaten food- probably in a fast food bag.


Wonderful post. Thanks for the laugh!


oh, that's awesome! Thanks for posting this!

Laura Weaver

This is undoubtedly the FUNNIEST thing I have read in ages! It thrills me to know that someone else's studio is as much a mess as mine! You have made my day! :)


Well, I think you should write a book. This is hilarious and exactly what us crafty ladies need to see. I'll be back to read this one again and again...thank you!


That is awesome! And much more realistic than the magazine photo shoot ready studios.l Yours looks like people actually work there. It looks so much like my sewing room. I clean it up but then I have to work in it!


I knew we were kindred spirits! I've always found people with messy desks usually have good memories (out of neccessity)!

Elizabeth Grisham

Looks like Sister Elizabeth needs to come make a visit.


Thank you those amazing photos! It was almost as if someone came and took pictures of my office/bedroom/laundry room combo. Except mine has a copy of Peter Walsh's Book, It's All Too Much, balanced on top of one of the piles. Guess the book hasn't helped much yet! I should probably actually read it! Ha!

Missy Mangum

I heard that if a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, then what is the sign of an empty desk? See, you are a multitasking genius!


Oh my gosh, Caroline. That's HILARIOUS. If I didn't already know you, I'd be scared. :)

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