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October 03, 2007



i am laughing my head off at your descriptions! too funny! thanks for sharing!


karen gray

I love it! Genius..... truly :)


Oh, I am laughing so hard. I'm thrilled to see I'm not the only one :-) The only difference is that I did not grow up cleaning the house every Saturday and I did not have to make my bed daily. Thankfully neither did my husband, so he doesn't mind too much. Our kids have no chance.


That was a classic! I think the truth is that MOST of the sewing rooms/studios of productive women look just about like YOURS! I'm always amazed at the beautiful creations that come forth from my friends' messy hideaways.


Hey...you named your dress dummy. Mine is "Myrtle". :)

I'm getting new shelves for my studio, today and was looking for inspiration for my re-organizing, when I stumbled on to your blog. Little did I know, I was already a studio design expert! :) Yay me! And yay YOU, for a great blog post!

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