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December 06, 2007



That sounds like something my child would do. Right now she just likes standing on her little potty seat and trying to get both her feet in the removable cup/bowl. Oy, these kids!

PS. I'm from Houston too! :)


This happened to my friend's son (at my house)! He actually came out of the bathroom panicked and crying with it stuck on his head. Forutnately we were able to work it off without resorting to such drastic measures ;-) !


I am so relieved that everything worked out okay. I find that little children are like magicians. "Watch as I easily put the ring over my head. Voila! Now you will be completely unable to remove it." My daughter makes things disappear all. the. time.


Oh my god!!! That is crazy. I am not looking forward to the day when Delma does something as dramatically idiotic as that. She's come close, but wow! So far I haven't had to saw anything off of her body! :)


Just wait until she is 14.....

j. caroline

You mean at 14 she will still put a potty seat on her head? Oh dear.

Carrie S.

I'm sorry, but I thought this was hilarious! My dear, you are in for it (spoken by the mother of three teenage sons).


Oh my goodness, I'm laughing hysterically at this tale, especially at your knee jerk reaction of calling the manufacturer to complain, that's something I would do! LOL. I'm thinking your poor child just might be the type to stick her fist in her mouth too...watch her closely for that one.

j. caroline

What exactly is the solution for removing the fist from a child's mouth? I'm assuming the bread knife is not a good option here. Remove the teeth?


I found your link through one of my visitors, so glad to see your progress! And you have a little one now. I'm so happy for you. I've been wondering what you'd been up to.

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