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February 27, 2008



wow!!! that is AMAZING!!! i swear, whenever i come across your site, i want to make more stuff for my house!!


You've inspired me!!

How long did this project take? From the moment you turned the sander on until the moment you were ready to put those drawers in?

j. caroline

I’m going to estimate about 10 to 12 hours. I didn’t keep very good track and it’s definitely a start and stop kind of project since you are always waiting for something to dry. I think I worked on it over 4 days.


Some great ideas for updating stuff. Will be having a go at my tired chest of drawers. Don't know why I didnt think of this before.




Beautiful! you inspire me!


I was inspired by your post, so I did a little decoupaging myself. Check out my side table if you get a chance. Thanks - love your blog!

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